Catur Village is located in the district of Kintamani, Bangli Regency.  The geographic location of Catur Village is in the middle of Mount Penulisan, Mount Batur, Mount Catur, and Mount Mangu. Catur Village consists of three banjars, those are: Banjar Catur, Banjar Lampu and Banjar Mungsengan. The distance to go to reach this village is approximately 76 km or one and half hour from Denpasar City.

The fertile soils and cool climate in this Village makes a variety of agricultural commodities are grow well. Arabica coffee from Catur Village is known very well in foreign country. It even already getting certificate of patent or intellectual property rights. The coffee processed products have been exported to foreign countries such as Japan, Europe, America and Australia with its brand “Kopi Kintamani Bali”. In addition, there are also other good quality agricultural products such as keprok oranges, Bali oranges (jerungga), and various vegetables.

Bali tourism development provides positive influence in the management of the Catur Village. It can be seen from the desire of its people to develop their agricultural potential that exists as an agro-tourism attraction. Tourists who come to visit will be invited to do trekking to the village. On the way down the trail, visitors can see the plantation belongs to the citizens of overgrown plants coffee and many types of fruit and vegetables. The process of roasting coffee becomes the thing that should not be missed by tourists, because either modern roasting or traditionally can still be found in the Catur Village. In addition, the beautiful hilly landscape of the Catur Village as well as the presence of a waterfall in the middle of the trip will be an unforgettable thing for tourists. Don’t forget, at the end of the journey the processed of various coffee products can be purchased as an exclusive gift to take to the hometown. The all of agro-tourism attractions making the Catur Village become a very decent place to visit during your stay in Bali.